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Author of "Climate Change :Lessons from the Quran and Sunnah"

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Gaathier has a passion for Groundwater with a focus on understanding subsurface fluid flow. He holds a PhD and MSc, both focused on Fractured Rock Hydrogeology. Dr. Mahed has received extensive technical training in aspects of Geophysics and Isotopes in Germany and Morocco, the latter sponsored through the International Atomic Energy Agency. Dr. Mahed also trained in Belgium, Denmark and Tunisia on various aspects of Hydrogeology. He has worked in gold, uranium and coal mining as well as on shale gas research. He has served in his capacity as a consultant on various projects in the Earth Sciences for government, industry and academia. Some of the major companies he has completed worked for include Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), City of Cape Town and the Water Research Commission. Gaathier has also tenured as COO for a diversified energy startup firm which ventured into Biofuel, Shale Gas and Drilling. In this role he pitched for Venture Capital and also lead business development.

He has served on technical panels in South Africa to help water research projects focus on sustainable development and mitigate climate change. At the Water Research Commission of South Africa, for example, he was involved in a pilot project related to geothermal energy. Gaathier also occupies voluntary executive and non executive board positions at various companies and NGO's. One of the former voluntary positions he occupied was with Awqaf South Africa, where he gained valuable knowledge and insights into the NGO sector as well as charitable endowments and Islamic Finance. Dr Mahed also holds various diplomas in Leadership, Waqf and Project Management.

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