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Ethical Environmentalists

Many people have this image of a consultant in a smart suit and tie with a smile that only a dentist could produce, with bleaching of course. In some industries CONsultants are not dressed as well, yet still talk like a used car salesmen. It seems as if the almighty dollar has consumed us all and everybody wants to be a billionaire, just like Bruno Mars and Travis Mccoy sang about, and they will do anything to attain it. This all brings to mind the old Native American Indian saying of "When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realise that one cannot eat money,”

When observing human nature, and I am not talking about watching Gary Vaynerchuck Youtube videos, it is noted that the aspiration to wealth has become an obsession. We find people motivating and promoting "hustle culture" with a tinge of crypto and completely ignoring the Ikigai. It raises an issue, which many business schools have been dealing with for many years, can ethics be taught? If your sole purpose in life is to push for profits and growth, some call it sustainable growth just to make it sound better, then are you really worried about anything else? I apologise if you worried about the rims on your Range Rover matching the detailing and ensuring that your better halves Porsche is matching the pizzaz of yours.

What is sustainable about a company expanding year on year by 10%, with no interest in the environment and in the process literally obliterating the competition. I am not talking about the ESG indicators that are being used to make companies seem "green". I am referring to real initiatives related to saving the environment. Yes, it is capitalism at its best and I applaude the fact that you are pointing out the obvious. Is it what is best for us is my question? Maybe minimilism is a solution, I am not saying go live in the forest like a hippie. I am however saying that business as usual is clearly not working if we only creating more Billionaires and greater unemployment with an ever increasing Gini coefficient. Corona also made us see the impact we have on the environment, with reduction in pollution directly correlated to lockdowns globally.

I digress.....the point is can we teach a Jacob Zuma to be honest. What I meant to say was, does Atul Gupta know how not to be corrupt? What I actually should have said is, does Bernie Maddoff know how to not be a fraudster? I think you get the point. This rant was not sponsored by any of the companies in your favourite Tik Tokkers videos. This is merely sharing thoughts on that Impact Assessment that was done for window dressing and then approved by the Minister, with all of us knowing that it will have devastating effects on the environment in the long term.

It should also be highlighted that lawyers using the term "Seismic blasting" and taking Shell to court need to be put in line. Yes we have an impact on the environment, but we also need to find a balance in terms of decent living and wages for people. I am no Economist, but we should have solved the issues of poverty with the amount of resources we extracting and if not then the Billion Barrel estimate sitting offshore in South Africa could help. I mean if Norway can build a fund to help their people, why can we not do it in South Africa. Que Julius Malema .... "Pay back the Money". In this case the money you made from the income generated for extracting the resources and help the people.

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